Sunday, February 27, 2011


I believe these guys are like a stripped down version of 1994! or something, and thats pretty much exactly how they sound. I can't stop listening to the first track on their demo, "people stuff", this shits great. Imagine the above picture over simple but catchy guitars. They have a self titled 7" ep available in TWO different translucent colors, a split with another good old fashion band you might not want people to see in your search bar, Boys & Sex, and two demos out. You can buy their shit on their website or download it on their bandcamp via scrolling down, so get on that shit!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Storm The Bastille

This band is fucking awesome. They deserve a better description than this but whatever no one reads this shit anyway. Heavy shit, but still melodic and interesting as fuck. I can't even think of other bands to compare them to. The drumming is amazing, ridiculous fills and perfectly timed everything, this shit will get you off your ass. The guitars are almost terrifying, along with the screamed vocals and faint water-droplet sounds in "Lronhubbard", you'd think someone was be tortured in a basement. You can download all their shit on their website, definitely worth it. Personal favorites include Dismantled, In First Person split LP, and Cassilis split tape, but get it all.

They have up for download
DEMO 2005






Also they'll be playing Philly Invades Baltimore Fest 2 in april.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted NEW LP

I couldn't contain my excitement when i found out about this new LP from Lehigh Valley mother fuckers, ex Street Smart CyclistsSnowing. If you haven't already heard their demo Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit, get out from under your rock and scroll down. "Twinkly" guitars, up beat-ish vocals, basically imagine Street Smart Cyclist fucking Algernon Cadwallader. Also have a happy Valentines Day, though if you're reading this or listen to Snowing you most likely won't and it's probably not even Valentines Day anymore.

I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted
You can pre-order/buy the nice vinyl cool guys version here
Or you can download it for free here

Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit
If you have a job/money you can pick it up here for cheap along with two other albums 
Or it could be downloaded at Skream Your Lungs Out (or here


Summer Tour Tape
(Link stolen from That's Punk)

Things To Come

Just a list of shit that you (referring to the audience of zero that i currently own)  may or may not be seeing in the near or not so near future.

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes
Swing Heil!
Information on Philly Invades Baltimore Fest 2
The Lady Is Not For Burning
And more


Harrison Bergeron

Loud hardcore from Bethlehem in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Harrison Bergeron might sound familiar to you. Not surprising, considering members of this distinct band played in Lehigh legends such as Street Smart CyclistStorm The Bastille, and Boy Problems, and toured with Make Me in spring '06. The reasons not to download band this are nonexistent. Intense drumming, fast strumming, screamed and semi-spoken vocals, darkness will wash over you. There is supposedly a post humorous release coming out on Playground Politics, though I'm not sure if its out yet. So until then (or now) this should be more than sufficient.

(Link borrowed from You Smell Like Paste

Sunday, February 13, 2011

State Street Residential

Awesome jazzy hardcore from BurlingtonVermont, this band is definitely one of my top favorites right now. They sound like a cross of Street Smart Cyclist and Off Minor. Incredible melodic, clean and distorted guitars, heart felt screaming vocals, this is a must have for Street Smart Cyclist or Make Me/Boy Problems fans. You used to be able to download all their shit from their myspace but i guess it got taken off or something, though there are some awesome videos there, such as the (as far as i know) unreleased gem below. Definitely check this out. Also you can find this shit in the comments of their posted by Jonny. If you have any more of this band let me know.

Sakita Sarra

I found out about this Hillsborough, New Jersey band from some of my older high school friends when i was probably in about 7th grade or something; they fucking rule. I'm not even completely sure where i got this shit. I know I got some of it through my friends but a quick search on Google proved to be unsuccessful in finding these songs for download so I'm putting this shit up. Sakita Sarra is something of a mix of Circle Takes The Square and lo-fi-ish recordings of Cowboys Became Folk Heroes (which i will post later) with driving metal-ish guitar riffs and jagged, tearing vocals reminiscent of City Of Caterpillar. Even this random album cover of whatever release I'm not sure of that I found on their myspace looks like the City Of Caterpillar self titled a little bit.  Download this shit and also check out their experimental other project Atikas Arras (sound familiar?)

Here are some awesome videos