Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Commander Venus

Just because I can't really find these in the same place anywhere else. In case you aren't familiar with this angsty, hurt, and angry representation of the very original Saddle-Creek sound, Commander Venus is pretty much just that. Frantic guitars, poppy drums, the only comparison could be Slowdown Virginia or early Cursive. Just listen. And then download.

Bad Banana

Fuckin' sweet lo-fi, up-beat, pop-punk from Birmingham, Alabama. Bad Banana is the stripped-down t.v. static reincarnation of pop band P.S. Eliot. Fun, colorful riffs, driving beats, and distorted everything. The Crutchfield sisters (of P.S. Eliot and The Ackleys) absolutely kill it in these two releases. Also check out Katie C.'s solo project Waxahatchee's Demosplit
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